About Forever Love® Books

Forever Love® Books, is a royalty paying, traditional, faith-based, publisher that does things a bit differently, and authors who write for us should consider these differences carefully before submitting.

We provide readers with emotionally satisfying reading experiences with characters and situations might be considered a bit "out of box" when compared to traditional Christian fiction. Our books are not your everyday Christian romances. Our novels may be a bit edgier and grittier than are usually presented to Christian readers, more aligned with life in the real world. But rest assured, our breathtaking and heartwarming romances all come with wholesome values, written from a Christian worldview.  

Our authors have freedom to create characters and situations that bring a wider variety of perspectives and life experiences to our readers.

Our heart warming and heart stopping romantic suspense stories keep readers guessing, glued to their seats, reading on and on to find out what happens, and, in the case of our sweet mysteries, to find out who done it! 

Whether readers love Heartwarming Romance or Heart Stopping Romantic Suspense (both historical and contemporary), or just plain Heartwarming Sweet Contemporary Romance, our stories provide deeply satisfying and page-turning reads, often with that unexpected twist so many of our readers love.

Forever Love® Books is an imprint of One Way Press, a Christian publisher known for quality non-fiction books since 2007.