Friday, March 2, 2018

3 Basic Building Blocks of Book Marketing for Authors

   We all have to start somewhere, but where?
   Newbie authors have many marketing options. But how effective and expensive are they? Often trial and error is the only way to find out, and that can be costly. But, there are a few things that are not only free but also tried and true, and absolutely essential. 
   That's what this post is all about. We will simplify marketing matters for new writers who are overwhelmed by the process. We will start you out with only a few of the most vital and productive options. Once the marketing foundations are laid, then, and only then, is it time decide where to go next.

1.) Website

Spend a few days thinking about your brand and designing your author website. A website will work 24/7 to sell your books and build your mailing list. It should be your hub, with images and links to everything relating to your brand and books. There are many free, easy to use, website building platforms available online. 

2.) Mailing List

Start collecting subscribers to your mailing List immediately. You want to keep your subscribers engaged and updated so they will be super excited with each new book release you announce. Newsletter list-building tools are also available online. Many authors use Mail Chimp, which is a free service up to about 12,000 subscribers

3.) Social Media

If you are not already on social media, choose a site you believe will work the best for you and get started. Engage and find followers. Here is where you get the chance to update your fans daily or several times daily, and your fans will have opportunity to tell their friends about you and your books. A word of caution about social media: Followers will not follow you for long if all you do is try to sell them your books. It is worth the effort to get to know your connections, interact with them, and provide them with fresh and relevant content, plugging  your books on a regular basis, but not over-doing it.

Once you get your three basic building blocks of marketing in place, you are officially out of the newbie stage. You can confidently move on to the next steps of adding to the basic foundation of your website, mailing list builder, and social media presence. 
   Who knows, perhaps you will become mentor to other new authors!

Thursday, February 22, 2018


We are a royalty paying publisher and do the following so you can do what you love--which is write!

  • A complete professional edit of your novel
  • Cover Design, interior design, and book formatting
  •  Books of 50,000 words or more will be published as trade paperbacks and e-books
  • Books under 50,000 words will be published as e-books only. We do the e-book formatting for the various venues
  • Update our publisher website when your book is released
  • Actively market our publisher website
  • Provide you with a marketing handbook and resources
  • We pay royalties to contracted authors. Contracted authors do not pay us to publish their books


A quality, edited manuscript of 20,000 words or more that the author believes is publish ready

Willingness to work as a team to help your book succeed. We cannot guarantee the success of your book. All we can say is that we will work with you the best we can, but this is a team effort. After the release of your book, we will actively market the line — it is up to you to do your share to help your book stand out. Again, there are no guarantees.

You must be willing to market and market hard

Manuscript Submission Q & A

How do I submit a manuscript to Forever Love™?

See submission guidelines posted on this blog

How often should I check up on a submission?

Three month intervals is acceptable.

 Does silence mean a no?

 No. It just means we either haven't read it yet, read it and can't decide, or read it and are in process of approving you for a book deal!

When should I hear back from Forever Love™ about my submission?

Submissions are only one one part of an editor's job. Books have to be read and edited. Dedications must be gathered. Art meetings for the cover have to be held. Editors often have the best intentions but just get busy. This is why Emily Rodmell's advice [from Love Inspired Romantic Suspense] is great: "'s best to submit and forget. Start a new project, and don't stress about the submitted one."

Do you have any more submission questions? Post your question in the comment section below!